Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fabulous "M" Family

I love this family. Love the energy and excitement. Two very awesome parents and two super adorable kids! Mr. "M" is always quite the ham, but today, he felt it necessary to run away every time I tried to take his picture! Miss "G" was so sweet and really enjoyed staring into my lens with her beautiful eyes! (Viewing each picture was a must!) Enjoy their fun spirit and adorableness in this sneak peek!

The Amazing Magnani Family

A beautiful family of four! Full of fun! Miss "T" is in my son's preschool class and they are good buds! Always fun to have something to chat with the kids about to put them at ease! Miss "B" was so full of smiles and fun! Enjoy a few from there fun session!

Pine Family Fun

There is a special place in my heart for families of 5. Why? Because I have a family of 5! One kid more than the parents - out numbering us and always making life interesting and fun! These 5 were adorable! Dad, a man after my own heart, showed up prepared with a Vente Coffee from Starbucks! Must be energized to keep up with these 3! Mom did a great job with adorable clothes, happy kids, and fun accessaries for the girls! Enjoy a peek at our fun!

A Beautiful Family of Almost 5!

What a fun session! Two adorable little girls, a beautiful pregnant momma, and a fun daddy who loves all his girls so much! Beautiful location, beautiful light! Enjoy a peek at all of our fun!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Bird Family

I have know Kristina for about 4 years now! We met when our boys were about 7-8 months old(about)! Mr "I" will be 5 tomorrow!! They are such a sweet family of 4! Mr. "I" was not quite interested at first to have his picture taken, but soon realized that it was going to be fun. Mr "C" was full of energy from start to finish! Almost 2 and so much fun. Both boys (and mom and dad) have amazing eyes! Enjoy a peek at our fun today!