Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Gorgeous Wedding

I always feel so honored when I am asked to share in the Capturing of a beautiful couple's wedding day! Marty is one of my husband's coworkers and Vicky and I have had the pleasure of getting to know one another! They got married at a beautiful church and their reception was at a beautiful restaurant! Enjoy a glimpse at their beautiful day!

Baby "Z"

I had the pleasure of photographing Baby "Z" when he was only about 30 minutes old! Than I was lucky enough to go back when he was 3 days old to capture his sweet little personality! His mom and dad are two really great people and I am so excited to watch baby "Z" grow big!

Mom, Sister, Auntie, Niece, Daughter, Cousin

These beautiful girls are connected in so many ways! Mindy and Mikaela are sisters. Mindy is Charlotte's Mommy. Mikaela is Miranda's mommy. Charlotte and Miranda are cousins . Mindy is Miranda's Auntie and Mikaela is Charlotte's Auntie! So much fun! So much love! I had the pleasure of working with evening light with these beautiful girls! I tend to photograph in the morning, but we thought we would try something different and boy did it work out great for us!! I am lucky to call Mindy my sister in law and Charlotte my niece! Enjoy all these beautiful photos! You can see more at http://sneves.photobiz.com/cart/

If you would like to schedule a photo session - please contact me at smnphotography@aol.com

Pregnant Sisters!!

I had the pleasure to photograph sisters whose due dates are two weeks apart! How fun and exciting to share the wonderful time of pregnancy with your sister! First time for both of them!! I am excited to have another session with Kim and her Husband! It is too bad that Kelly lives down south! I am sure when she comes up to visit her sister, that we will have a photo session for her new little man! I have the exciting job of photographing Kim and Will's son's whole first year! I am honored and very excited to watch him grow! Enjoy!

Beautiful Belly

Krysti is married to Mat's cousin Ryan! We have had the pleasure to become really great friends with them over the years! Krysti means so much to me that we even asked her and Ryan to be Grant's Godparents! We met in San Francisco and I thought it was supposed to be a beautiful day! Boy was I wrong! It was FREEZING cold and windy! We worked as quickly as we could and captured her almost 38 week beautiful belly! I am so excited to meet the newest addition to their family!! Stay tuned in the next couple weeks for newborn pictures!! Congrats Krysti and Ryan!

The "M" Twins

I had such a wonderful time photographing the "M" twins! They are absolutely adorable! Both have such different personalities! You can tell that they LOVE each other and that they have that special bond that only twins have! How exciting to always have a special buddy to grow up with! I can't believe they are 2 years old! I am excited to continue to watch them grow!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Love Affair Workshop

I would absolutely LOVE to attend the Love Affair Workshop. Just a bit to expensive for me this year! Check out this great "Get It Together Kit" by Millie Holloman. I would love to win this!! With 3 kids 4.5 and younger - I can use all the help I can get "getting it together!!"

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Press Printed Reception Book

This is a great way to have guests write you a note and enjoy and always remember you wonderful engagement pictures!! Instead of having just a plain guest book that will probably end up in a box or up on a shelf somewhere, you have this beautiful guest book filled with your engagement pictures! I had so much creating this for my bride and groom in August!!
There are a couple pages where there is more than one option!! You can learn more about these Press Printed books at whcc.com and you can see more wonderful templates at www.thealbumcafe.com.