Wednesday, June 29, 2011

razberries and raizins and My Sweet Girl!

I have found an awesome dress/outfit designer on facebook! She "upcycles" a lot of her creations! Takes a super cute tank top or t-shirt and turns it into a fabulous outfit!! I haven't taken my daughter out in awhile and photographed her for fun! We had a blast! Hanging out in our backyard and being silly! Enjoy my beautiful girl and her fabulous razberries and raizins dress!

razberries and raizins on Facebook


Kristin Merrill said...

Sooo cute!!!! She is adorable!! And LOVE the outfit!!! How cool!!

Sharon Neves Photography said...

Thanks Kristin! I am hopeful that she will cooperate and we are going to put on a simple outfit and play photograph your hairbows! <3

Keila said...

Oh I love these!!!! She is so sweet!!! And the outfit is pretty cool too ;-)