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Kayla Oeth {Women In Business Series}

Kayla Oeth Photography


Photo Credit: HM+ Photography

A little about me:

My name is Kayla Oeth. I'm a military wife of 7 years to my junior high/high school sweetheart, and a Mommy to three incredible kiddos (and one dog too!). Out oldest, Jacob is 5, middle is Joshua who is 2, and my youngest is my princess Sarahlynne and she is 4 months young! Our dog Layla is one of the family and is 7! We currently live in southwest Germany on military assignment, and will begin a new adventure May 2012-location still unknown. I've been doing photography {self-taught} since I was about 12. My parents bought me my first Canon Rebel EOS when I was 14 and started on the newspaper in high school. I was the photography editor and then the editor-in-chief and started going to college at University of Missouri for photojournalism. After getting married and changing my major to special education and stepping out of the photography arena for about 4 years, my husband encouraged me to start back up when we got back to Germany, so I pulled out my old Nikon D70 and started shooting again and this little business and the last 2 years have been more amazing than I could have ever imagined!

Photo Credit : HM+ Photography

Photo Credit: HM+ Photography

What do I love to do in free time?

Free time? What free time!? Haha, all kidding aside I love to read, scrapbook, travel and take adventures with my kids. I also love creating at home date nights for my husband and I, since date nights out without the kids are few and far between!

Favorite Movies?

Oh so many! Just to name a few: Elizabethtown, Little Miss Sunshine, Hope Floats, Fried Green Tomatoes and the list goes on! I'm a sucker for romantic comedy, a good drama and occasionally a senseless comedy!!

When did you start your business?
August 2009

What sticks out in your mind about starting your business?

It was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, and not in the ways I thought it would! I thought that tax forms, organizing etc. etc. would be hard, but instead I struggled with booking too many sessions and trying too hard to please everyone and got myself entirely too busy. I've definitely been working on a learning curve on how to balance the business and say no when I'm too busy. Also, the other thing that sticks out in my mind the most is that it was made so much easier by such a supportive husband who works long hours during the week (and sometimes weekend) and still willingly gave up rest time on the weekends to play with the kiddos and spend quality time with them so Mommy could shoot. He is my biggest fan, and any challenge I've encountered has been made infinitely easier by him!

Time Management? Is it a struggle? Recommendations?

I wish I had this one figured out! I try to only edit during nap time or bed time, but it doesn't always happen that way. I know I've been working too much when my two year old shuts my computer and say "Mommy, stop working on the puter and come play with JoJo!". I also have started shooting a limited amount of weekends, and am learning to say "No I'm fully booked", instead of opening extra sessions for everyone. I've tried to make an effort to plan at least one fun thing for the whole family every weekend to avoid working to much. It is truly a balancing act, and I am far from perfecting it!!

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Call me crazy, but I'm a Vanilla girl! Unless it has pecan and caramels and then I'll take chocolate any day!

Advice for other women in business?

I think the biggest thing for me has been find others you look up to, ask questions and take advice, but don't lose who you are in the process. I try to always remind myself that just as everyone client has their own style in what they are looking for, each of us has our own style, personality and vision. Don't compare yourself to much, and stay true to who you are and your vision for your business. And make sure you always thank your clients, get to know them and make it about the people. I believe photography is about beautiful photos and a beautiful experience.

Thank you SO much Kayla for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us. Also, many many thanks to you and your husband for his service to our country! Stop by Kayla's page and say hi!!


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