Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dan and Aileen {The Love Project Series}

Their Story:

Dan and I met when I started working at the Pizza Factory with him about 8 years ago. We always got along really well and always had a lot of fun together. We started dating about 5 years ago and have been happy together ever since! A tip I would give to those in a newer relationship is, always try to put yourself in the other person's shoes. Try to really understand the things they do, say, like and dislike, this will make you love them that much more.

5 things that Dan loves about Aileen:

1) Her smile
2) Her kindness
3) Her goofiness
4) Her love for animals
5) She lets me be me

5 things that Aileen loves about Dan:

1) He's always willing to help me in any situation
2) He understands and doesn't question the things I love
3) He's a laid back homebody just like me
4) His goofiness
5) He never disrespects me

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Daquiri said...

I love the pictures by the train!