Monday, April 11, 2011

Miss LuLu is 2!

Miss LuLu and I had fun getting to know each other today! We see each other 3 days a week when I am dropping off my oldest and her mommy is dropping off her big sister at preschool! Today was the first day we got to really hang out! We played with little stools, buckets, rocks, and leaves. Who knew clicking a remote control for the gate could be so much fun!? But boy did it bring out her adorable smile! Miss Lulu didn't want to be far from mommy today, but we still had lots of fun! Enjoy a peek at all of our fun!

I love how she is twirling her hair! So cute!!

Nothing better than a little mommy cuddle time!!

A little quiet story time up in her room was a great way to finish our fun!!

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